Protecting London’s theatres

We are not Save London's Theatres or affiliated with them but we are a fansite for them. The original campaign was set up in 1972 to oppose the imminent destruction of sixteen of London's West End Theatres. This huge campaign was very successful and London's Theatreland stands today as a result of their early efforts.

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Matilda - Saving London's theatres

Their campaign case files have been kept at the Theatre Museum's Archives at Blythe House.

West End Theatreland is in considerable danger of being destroyed. At least sixteen theatres in the areas of Piccadilly, Covent Garden, Shaftesbury Avenue and Seven Dials Areas are likely to be harmed by redevelopment plans and road-based proposals. Years could pass before the demolished theatres are renovated, as in the case of the Winter Garden which became the New London Theatre. Meanwhile, others will be affected by considerable traffic concentrations swamping them and bringing about acoustic problems. Due to the extensive building operations, access not be easy. It’s not a positive picture for the average theatregoer. Considerable trade will be lost and it is likely that the London theatre will never recover its fortune.

Over half of the visitors said live entertainment was the primary reason for going to the U.K. in 1971. According to the British Tourist Board, £469 million was spent.